Reverse Engineering

Nowadays, when developing an Industrial Project, the greatest difficulty is found in the absence or limited graphical information of the industrial plant.

ARSI has the ability and experience to conduct engineering from the current state of the manufacturing facility, using methods and technology.

We conducted an on-site data collection through Laser Scanner, processing this information to obtain a 3D computerized model, and from this model we perform all the documentation of the installation required by our client.

The objectives and benefits are obvious and immediate need to have a current status of any industrial facility in maintenance makes your job easier and allows substantial economic savings, on the other hand when a change (modernization, upgrades, expansions, etc.) occurs, it's easier the development, implementation and optimization of space and resources. Typical interferences that involve overcosts and wasted time are avoided.


  • Review of the site.
  • Data capture and references through advanced systems (Laser Scanner).
  • Preparation of computer files for data processing.
  • Processing field files.
  • Identification of elements (pipes, structures, machines, etc.).
  • Generation of 3D models.
  • Implementation and development of new facilities.
  • Up-to-date maintenance.
  • Facility general drawings.
  • Detailed engineering of elements.
  • Bills of materials.
  • Points of interference for new deployments.
  • Regular updating of documentation.