Research and development has always been a constant in ARSI. There have been many demanding challenges over the projects in which we have been involved, resulting in our continuing evolution at all levels, software, hardware and expertise of our team. We undertake two types of projects mainly.

Product Development for mass manufacture and sale in the domestic and international Market development Goods, production lines, implementation of robotic systems, programming all kinds PLCS, handling and positioning systems, SCADA, systems implementation Machine Vision, special machines, transport elements, lifting systems, adapting old machine to new needs, etc.

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers, based on the needs of the developing whole (mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics, PLC programming, SCADA, etc.). Necessary engineering, prototyping and implementation of compliance with safety regulations and CE conformity marking.


  • Identification of the needs.
  • Analysis and proposal of solutions agreed with our clients.
  • Development of handbooks (Technical specifications) and goal setting.
  • Conducting preliminary designs.
  • Development of final designs and details for manufacturing.
  • Development of manufacturing route, production lines and specific capital goods.
  • Implementation of models and pre-series activities.
  • Cost analysis.
  • Defining needs analyzing implementation in intermediate processes of production lines.
  • Making handbooks for full definition of needs, types of actions and systematic automation.
  • Development of 3D and detail engineering for manufacturing mechanical, pneumatic, instrumentation, programming, etc.
  • Manufacture of prototype.
  • Implementation plan.
  • Preparation of maintenance and service manuals.
  • Implementation of assurances under regulations.
  • CE conformity marking.