Architecture / Engineering

With the approval of new regulations, LOE & CTE, the legislator seeks to raise the quality level of the building process, both in the drafting as in construction management. These regulatory changes involve a new way of doing. The building project and its facilities should be raised differently as was done before CTE.

When facing the first steps of a project, it is necessary to consider the appropriate consequence of the different facilities and legislation concurrent same architectural design, to provide a comprehensive response to all regulatory requirements space needs.

Therefore, with the intention to continue and complement the services developed, open the horizon of Detailed Engineering fusing it with the architecture, we being targeted not only the Architectural Designs of art, but also address any construction work with a common vision and inclusive of both disciplines, both developments nationally and internationally.

Fusion of Technology between Industrial Design and Architectural, allows us using the latest generation of 3D programs to create a link between technical and aesthetic, allowing better architectural definition.

Programs Using BIM (Building Information System) technology allows us to address a comprehensive proposal to encourage collaborations designs, calculations, implementation and maintenance of buildings, based standards and open workflows.

Design and calculation with the highest level of detail in both industrial buildings, and architectural designs for corporate and individual buildings, metal walkways and bridges.

Presentations, development and architectural design of Unique Projects.


  • We develop facilities projects, parallel to the architecture for industrial, construction, residential, etc.
  • Our development capabilities include electrical systems (LV and MV), heating and air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, plumbing, fire, solar and photovoltaic energy, telecommunications, etc.
  • We devise architectural projects parallel to engineering facilities, merging both parties.
  • We start with the needs of our customers, taking into account its future projection according to the environment.
  • Our aim is the optimization of resources, both in the design phase as in the implementation, defining the most of the project, preventing the changes that are often given, that increase costs and time during the execution phase.
  • Edition and visa of projects.
  • Purchasing and economic control.
  • Preparation and planning the timing of execution.
  • Economic control, study and monitoring of budgets, supply and execution phase.
  • Official Management, management and counseling, monitoring and processing of visas and representations to government agencies.